• 4.3″ 800 x 480 HDMI Monitor
  • False Color, Focus Assist
  • 400 Nit Brightness/800:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 160° Viewing Angle


The DP4 4.3″ On-Camera LCD Field Monitor from SmallHD features HDMI, component, and composite video inputs supporting video signals up to 1920 x 1080. Designed to be rugged, the DP4 Field Monitor features a milled aluminum front frame with hard plastic backing. HDMI pass through allows you to send the HDMI signal downstream without requiring additional hardware. This field monitor has tools such as focus assist, false color, framing guides, image scaling, image flip, and monochrome.
DP4 Field Monitor
800 x 480 native resolution
HDMI, component, and composite video inputs for compatibility with a range of cameras including GoPro, ENG, DSLR, RED, ARRI Alexa, and large sensor camcorders
Accepts Full HD 1080p input, scales to fit
Pass-through for both HDMI and composite video allows sharing the source signal with another monitor or device without using additional hardware
1/8” mini stereo headphone out
Updates can be downloaded for free and installed on the field using a USB flash drive (not included)
Simple, ergonomic menu navigation system allows for one-handed operation
Two user-programmable buttons can be mapped to instantly switch on or off the effect of your choice
Backlight brightness adjustment allows you to choose whether to increase the brightness for bright outdoor situations, or reduce the brightness to conserve battery when in a studio setting
Auto Aspect Detect function eliminates any stretching or squishing no matter how often you switch between standby and record modes on a DSLR camera
Includes Canon 5D/7D Battery Bracket, HDMI cable, component breakout cable, sun hood, acrylic screen protector, and right-angle HDMI adapter for optimal cable management
Rugged with milled aluminum front housing and support points for internal components
Lightweight at 6.4 oz
Focus Assist filter adds detail to a scene that you wouldn’t otherwise see
False Color HL and HML filters help judging proper exposure
Framing guides include Crosshair, Crosshatch, Aspect, and Title guides to help you line up your shot
DSLR Scale function enables you to quickly and easily fill the entire screen with the input signal, and eliminate black bars
1:1 Pixel Mapping function helps double checking by scaling the image to fit the screen and increasing the detail
Image Flip function is useful when shooting with a non-flip 35mm adapter
Image Flip and Menu Flip functions allow customizing your cable management as you can decide if you want to plug in the cables from the top or bottom
You may prefer the Monochrome filter while pulling focus because it can be easier on the eyes not having chrominance interfering with the focal plane
Monochrome filter is also useful if you are shooting in color but plan to deliver the final product in monochrome